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More Ideas for Creative Lighting with LED Light Strips

We set the ball rolling with ideas for using LED lighting strips to create stunning effects in a previous post. We keep the theme going in this post with even more ideas on how to create stunning effects with LED strip lights. Using LED Lighting Strips in Fridges Ever thought about putting getting more light in your fridge, beyond the normal bulb that comes as standard? Probably not! But because LED light strips don’t emit any heat, you can actually use them in the fridge. You’ll need to add a timer and motion sensor so the lights don’t always stay...

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Creative Lighting Design with LED Lighting Strips

LED lighting technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and you can now create some different and innovative lighting designs using LED lighting strips.  The benefit of LED light strips is that they’re flexible and hard wearing and also don’t give off heat –  so they can be used to illuminate things that traditional light bulbs have not been appropriate for e.g. the back of wardrobes, inside cabinets and drawers and to enhance fixtures and fittings such as stairs, banisters and even places like the deeper recesses of a fridge. LED lighting strips still need...

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