LED lighting technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and you can now create some different and innovative lighting designs using LED lighting strips.  The benefit of LED light strips is that they’re flexible and hard wearing and also don’t give off heat –  so they can be used to illuminate things that traditional light bulbs have not been appropriate for e.g. the back of wardrobes, inside cabinets and drawers and to enhance fixtures and fittings such as stairs, banisters and even places like the deeper recesses of a fridge.

LED lighting strips still need power, so you do need to bear this in mind when planning a design. You’ll need an electric socket nearby and also not mind having to stick things to your surfaces – so LED light strips probably won’t work for you if you’ve got valuable antique wardrobes and drawers. However, in other areas of the house e.g. the kitchen and bathroom and outdoors on the patio and in the garden, LED lighting strips can produce truly spectacular results.

What follows are some ideas for you to think about.

LED Light Strips Under Cabinets

LED cabinet lighting

Putting LED lighting strips under bathroom and kitchen cabinets is a fairly standard technique now, certainly if you’ve had a re-design in the last couple of years, but if you haven’t taken the opportunity to do this yet, start here.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that  LED strip lights can not only serve the practical function of illuminating work surfaces, but will also add a big dollop of style to your kitchen.  Just beware that they’ll also light up your clutter – so  make sure you’ve got ample storage space for all your kitchen nick-nacks.

Don’t forget that you can achieve a great effect by running LED lighting strips along the underside of cabinets at floor level too. Used well, in the right places (e.g. a kitchen island) can give the effect of the island ‘floating’ in space, a very stylish effect.  And don’t forget to give your bathroom the once-over. A few well placed LED light strips can often turn a ‘nice’ space into a stunning one. LED lighting strips also come in waterproof varieties – so can be used in showers, although you must make sure they are fitted by qualified electricians as mixing electricity and water is a recipe for disaster if not done properly.

Lighting Under the Couch and Bed with LED Lighting Strips

led lighting under couch

If you’ve ever wondered what gives those VIP ‘chill out’ areas that rock-star ambience in trendy clubs, it’s likely that they’re using LED light strips in innovative ways – one being to light under the couches! You can impress friends and influence people by doing the same thing at home. Find out how with this YouTube Video. You can also experiment with putting LED light strips under the bed for that interior designer touch – as well as finding missing shoes easily!