We set the ball rolling with ideas for using LED lighting strips to create stunning effects in a previous post. We keep the theme going in this post with even more ideas on how to create stunning effects with LED strip lights.

Using LED Lighting Strips in Fridges

fridge lighting

Ever thought about putting getting more light in your fridge, beyond the normal bulb that comes as standard? Probably not! But because LED light strips don’t emit any heat, you can actually use them in the fridge. You’ll need to add a timer and motion sensor so the lights don’t always stay on – here’s some useful advice on how to do it from Instructables. Whilst this use of LED lighting strips may seem a little off-the-wall, it could be a very useful addition, especially in larger fridges and also to help older family members find items. It may even help prevent the ‘mouldy-tomato-at-the-back-of-the-fridge-syndrome’, well you can but hope!

LED Light Strips Outside


Some stunning effects can  be achieved with LED lighting strips outside in the garden on on patios.  This type of lighting will cost a bit more because if the distances involved and the need to ensure that wiring to power sources are fitted in a safe and weatherproof way, but LED lighting strips are strong and come in weatherproof varieties so the only limitation is your imagination. There are also LED light strips that change colour – so you really can get a very dynamic effect.

This video shows the art of the possible and includes some ‘how-to’ instructions beneath (so look out for those). The approach is not exactly subtle, and it does look like a 70’s disco, but it does demonstrate that you can achieve just about any effect you want using the great versatility of LED light strips. 

LED Lighting Supplies

You’ll need to be careful about where you buy your LED lighting strips and other supplies, especially if you intend to use them in more unusual places such as in the garden or in the bathroom. It’s important that you source them from a reputable supplier, as with the increasing popularity ‘cheap’ versions are now being produced in China and elsewhere. Some of these LED lighting strips don’t meet EU standards, and some LEDs can actually be dangerous with no indication of positive and negative poles.

If you want good value (and safe) LED lighting strip supplies go to energybulbs.co.uk