If you want to create drama and a unique ambiance in your home, have you considered using antique light fittings? Antique fittings can either be ‘real’ or reproduction, but they are usually adapted to work with modern light bulbs – including low energy light bulbs. If you want to add a bit of theater to your home, there’s no better way to do it than using a few well placed antique lighting fittings. So, if you have more traditional interior design using antiques and other ‘objet d’arts’, think about using antique light fittings to complement your interior design.

Fortunately there is also a large range of ‘vintage’ light bulbs available, which can complement any lighting fitting to produce the light quality and ambiance of ‘olden days’. Particularly good at this are vintage candle bulbs, which whilst using the very latest in modern lighting technology (e.g. LED lights) produce the effect of candle light. You can see the range of available vintage light bulbs here. And see our article on the topic.

Whatever light fittings and bulbs you choose, do think about putting them on dimmers. This means that you can turn down the lights to get just the right temperature and brightness in keeping with the light fitting you are using. As we all know, light bulbs are a relatively ‘new’ invention (1879) – most of history was lit by candles and latterly gas light. It’s now easier than ever to reproduce this effect using the latest low energy light bulbs.


Most people think about chandeliers when they think about ‘antique’ lighting and these can be used to dramatic effect. They don’t just have to be used in entrance halls and dining rooms, they can also make a stunning addition to kitchens too. See Chandeliers Everywhere! You don’t have to stick to using chandeliers in rooms that have ‘suitable’ decor either. In this picture you can see a chandelier being used to great effect in what otherwise has a sharp-edged utility feel – though notice the antique style dresser which adds a vintage note to the space.


Courtesy of Houzz.com

There’s also a good range of vintage light bulbs that can be used in chandeliers:


Bell 4W Vintage Candle LED – B15/SBC

This type of bulb has the added advantage of using LED meaning it only burns 4 watts saving a lot on electricity, which is particularly handy if you have a chandelier that requires quite a few of them. See more here.

Not all chandeliers are of the ‘Versailles’ crystal drops type. Here you can see a vintage porcelain and brass 4 light chandelier. Again vintage LED candle bulbs work perfectly with this type of fitting.

vintage porcelain and brass 4 light chandelier

courtesy of https://www.regentantiques.com

Or a more modern take on the chandelier idea can be seen with this antique Art Nouveau 3 light brass chandelier from about 1920. This type of fitting creates a particular effect that would work well in a study or library.









Wall Light Fittings

Of course it’s not just chandeliers that can be used to great effect. There are also some wonderful antique wall fittings available that can create a dramatic effect in a room. Here’s a particularly fine example:

Courtesy of http://www.regentantiques.com

Courtesy of http://www.regentantiques.com

This Victorian style ormolu wall light makes a definite statement and has five light bulb fittings, again where some vintage candle light bulbs would come into their own.

Finally, here’s an example of a pair of vintage Sheraton ormolu braided tassel wall lights that use candle light bulbs to wonderful effect:

Courtesy of http://www.regentantiques.com

Courtesy of http://www.regentantiques.com


When decorating your home, you can really be a set designer, carefully crafting the ambiance you want not only using antique furniture but also lighting fittings to match.